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Fresh Beans Machines

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Description: The entire range of freshly ground and freshly brewed ICS coffees and the finest specialty coffees, as well as tea, chocolate drinks and even soup – all in a compact device

High capacity of 950 servings

Easy installation, service and cleaning

The mid-size model of our three RIVA BONO models

Also available with floor unit

RIVA BONO M offers an extensive product line for every taste. Our special mixing procedure also
ensures that each of our many varieties produces the highest quality coffee. This compact machine
of the RIVA BONO class fits comfortably even in smaller spaces.


• RIVA BONO M comes with 10 clearly
labelled selection buttons, an alphanumeric
display, and an automatic dispenser for
180 cups.

• The cleaning system is programmable.

• The mixing systems can be cleaned simply
and quickly.

• No tools are required for disassembly.

• RIVA BONO M is available with a water
tank or with direct fixed water connection.

• The dispensers are also available with an
optional floor unit.

Payment systems

RIVA BONO M is also customer-friendly
when it comes to payment: You can choose
between a cashless ICS key system,
a no-touch Legic or Mifare system and cash
operation. Executive, BDV and MDB/ICP
standard protocols are also possible, as are
variable pricing and pot brewing by means
of a special key.

Specifications and dimensions

Voltage 230 V/16 A
Frequency 50 Hz
Wattage 1,350 W
Dimensions in mm H 735 x W 410 x D 550
Height incl. floor unit 1,495 mm
Weight ca. 40 kg

Options (examples):

• ICS coffee*
• ICS espresso*
• ICS cappuccino*
• Viennese melange*
• Café au lait*
• Chocolate milk or cocoa
• Tea*
• Soup
* may be selected with sugar and/or coffee whitener